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Dott. Amedeo Milella


Diseases of the nose

The main diseases of the nose which include allergic rhinitis and acute surgery of the nose and paranasal sinuses. The disturbances of smell and loss of blood from the nose (epistaxis). Sleep-disorder breathing (OSAS).

The identification of   the main causes of each disease, the symptoms and appropriate therapy.


Disorders of the head and neck

Gastroesophageal reflux and the adequate dietary advice to limit it and infections of the major salivary glands and thyroid diseases. Faringo- / laryngitis and swallowing disorders.

A Special section for head and neck oncology, with particular attention paid to diagnosis and therapy.



Some of the diseases of the ear like otitis, in acute or chronic tinnitus. Problems related to the external ear canal, otosclerosis, cholesteatoma of the middle ear and petrous.


Dizziness and deafness

The reasons and causes of dizziness. 
Hearing problems and sudden deafness. Meniere's disease.


Pediatric Otolaryngology

The main ENT pathologies in children. The loss of blood from the nose and individual training regarding how to deal with it. Rhinosinusitis and respiratory allergies. Otitis and episodes of deafness. Mumps and the applicant. Nocturnal respiratory obstruction in children and how to diagnose it.

A Specific section dedicated to adenoids and tonsils


Voice disorders

The pathologies, diagnosis and treatment of the vocal cords: nodules, polyps and paralysis. Laryngitis in its various forms: from vocal effort, dry or gastroesophageal reflux.
 The changes to the structure of the larynx, due to changes in the voice.